My Resume

Fatih Can Kurnaz
Robotics Researcher


Human-Robot Interaction

Human Action Prediction

Machine Learning

Deep Learning



Middle East Technical University
BSc. in Computer Engineering, GPA: 3.11/4.0

Selected Coursework: Electrical Circuits, Digital Electronics, Algorithms, Embedded Systems, Computer Graphics(CUDA),Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Planning of Robotic Manipulation


Middle East Technical University
MSc. in Computer Engineering

Selected Coursework: Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition


July 2015 — August 2015

Labris Networks
Summer Intern

I worked on a project that gathered blacklisted URLs from different sources and classified them according to their source’s trust rating in an efficient way so that they would be accessed easily and quickly.

June 2016 — September 2016

Kovan Research Lab
Summer Intern

I worked on two different projects. Firstly, we have created a UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) controller which would be able to control multiple drones simultaneously by using ROS and GAZEBO. The second project was about human-robot interaction. For this project, we used iCub humanoid robot, Yarp, Kinect, and Visualeyez motion capture technologies in order to collect human data and understand how humans react to certain robot actions.

Feb 2016 — June 2017

End Term Project

We tried to create a framework, which would let people use their free space like a cloud storage. They would be able to access, manipulate and share their data from different devices over the internet.

June 2017- Present

Kovan Research Lab

I started to work on “CIRAK” collaborative robot arm project. In this project, we are using UR5 robotic arm and we will create a framework that would make that robotic arm hep humans in certain parts of the given task in a safe way. In this work, main challenges are understanding humans actions and predicting the next action based on that understanding and creating a motion planning algorithm that is both predictable and safe for humans. More detail is available on my webpage.